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Amethyst Bio-Mat

The Amethyst Bio-Mat: Combines three powerful therapies in one. View Rates or Book A Session Now

  1. Far Infared Rays: warm the body from the inside out & stimulate various bodily functions. Infared is a soft but powerful radiant heat like sunlight .These rays cleanse the entire body by promoting the removal of toxins. They improve circulation to relieve fatigue & pain . Far infared light waves benefit all cells including muscles, blood vessels, lymph glands & nerves deep within the body.
  1. Negative Ions: make us feel well & are “natures energizer .” Positive & negative ions are found in the air we breathe. Our health is dependent on the amount & quality of ions in the air. The negative ion is only found in clean air. This is why we feel good near the ocean or in a lush forest. Negative ions promote alpha brain waves , purify the blood, revive cells, improve the immune & nervous systems, relieve pain, aid breathing problems & allergies. Negative ions accelerate & deepen healing by balancing the body’s PH & activating the cellular communication system so all bodily functions work better .
  1. Amethyst Crystals: heal body, mind & spirit. It is known as the “peace” stone as it calms the mind & stabilizes the nervous system while it promotes meditation. Amethyst is a powerful detoxifier & helps balance blood sugar levels. The 28 lbs.of crystals in the mat act as strong conductors for the infared light waves & negative ions allowing them to penetrate 6-8 inches into the body stimulating healing.

Combined Benefits:

  1. strengthens immune system
  2. relieves pain
  3. improves circulation & cardiovascular function
  4. eases stiffness & reduces swelling
  5. reduces stress & fatigue
  6. improves skin
  7. removes toxins
  8. burns calories to aid weight control

The bio-mat is a state of the art FDA approved medical device. It is recommended for many conditions including arthritis, high & low blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, paralysis, dementia, menopause & stress. It has also been used to assist with cancer prevention and treatment.View Rates or Book A Session Now