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Reiki Rates

In-Studio Reiki Treatments

Crystal Reiki Treatments

*All studio rates include ” Reiki Heals ” special enhancements to customize & intensify your healing session … crystals & gemstones individually selected , aromatherapy & healing music . All Reiki treatments also include the Amethyst Bio-Mat so your treatment table is heated with infrared light waves . Read more on the Amethyst Bio-Mat below. Each session is 90 minutes. This includes 60-70 minutes of Reiki and a personalized wellness consultation.

90 minutes

payments via eTransfer please.

Amethyst Bio-Mat Therapy (Mat Only)

The Amethyst Bio-Mat is an FDA approved state of the art medical device and is recommended for boosting your immune system & relieving pain & stiffness. It improves circulation & cardiovascular function, reduces stress & fatigue, improves skin tone, removes toxins and burns calories to aid in weight loss. The Amethyst Bio-Mat is a great option for those who wish to receive the healing benefits of the mat on its own. Read More+ Amethyst Bio-Mats are also available for purchase through Linda directly.

60 minutes

payments via eTransfer please.

Reiki Heals Langley, BC

For Reiki treatments eTransfer payments preferred. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. 24 hours notice is required to cancel /change a booking Note: Treatment will never be withheld due to financial hardship. Also available by request:

  • Distant healing
  • Treatments for pets / animals
  • Mobile service for hospitals and care centers
  • Reiki Healer Linda is also available as a speaker at your next event. Contact Linda for more details.
  • Space clearing .. negative or stagnant energy is cleared & replaced with positive energy resulting in a home / space that feels better