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‘I was told I had a ‘frozen shoulder.’ Very painful. Nothing took the pain away except strong pain killers. Linda offered to give me some Reiki treatments. I have to say I was very skeptical. During the first treatment she gave me I noticed that my joints felt warm from her hands which made the pain less noticeable. The next day she offered to do another treatment. A couple of days later I noticed that I could lift my arm up on the table without me lifting it up with my other hand. A few days later she gave me one more treatment. I could do quite a bit with my arm and I was no longer having to take pain killers. It’s been two weeks now and my shoulder is just about back to normal. I thank Linda for the care and compassion she had in spending some of her time in helping me get over one of my most painful experiences I have ever had.’ ( note : medical sources indicate it takes from 5 months to 3 years to recover from frozen shoulder )